Automated testing of data warehouse

BiG EVAL takes over the manual testing of a ETL-process and data warehouse components. This happens through purposeful checking and comparing of data from source systems, the data warehouse, staging areas and all other components.
Just as you would do it manually - but just automated.

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End-to-End testing of all system components

BiG EVAL enables cross-technology testing of all system components of a data warehouse and BI system. E.g. check wether KPI's in your ERP-system20 match with those of your OLAP-Cubes.

Test methods & test algorithms

For your test cases you have a lot of test methods and test algorithms at your disposal. If you do not have the included, then you can also implement your own.

Test automation in an agile project

In agile projects, if you need to manually test the results that you have created in an iteration, you can almost not comply with short release cycles. Especially not if you also want to test the results of previous iterations again and again (regression tests). A test automation helps you in this case and takes the burden of manualy testing. With BiG EVAL you carry out the once-developed tests over and over again with time or event control.