Data Sources

Data sources are used to connect to data that will be tested or to test-reference data.

Test Algorithms

Test data gets processed by different test algorithms to check quality and plausibilize information.

Testcase Execution

Testcases can be scheduled at specific points in time or triggered by data events.

Testcase Organization

The more testcases the better the quality. Hundreds of testcases must be organized very well.


When the out-of-the-box functionallity of BiG EVAL isn't enough to fulfil your needs, you can always trust on the scripting possibillities.


BiG EVAL provides several analytical features to get insight into data quality and test automation results of the whole company.


If quality requirements cannot be fulfilled, BiG EVAL triggers alerts and sends them to the right people.


Is your data being distorted in technical processes?


There are several interfaces that open the possibility to integrate BiG EVAL into your processes (e.g. ETL) or in your applications.

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