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Data Warehouse & ETL testing

Never ever test manually again! Using BiG EVAL you automate the test processes for your data warehouse system and the ETL or ELT processes.

Use Case DWH und ETL testen

BiG EVAL takes away the manual effort from testing your ETL or ELT processes and your data warehouse. This is done by comparing and checking test data between the source systems, the staging area, the data warehouse and all components in between. Exactly the way in which you would do it manually – but automated.


Choose out of a predefined set of testmethods and -algorithms or create your own by using a database query language, C# or even R.

Vorgefertigte und benutzerdefinierte Testmethoden


Apply a continuous testing process to your development project to recognize conceptual problems much earlier.


  • Find and resolve Data Quality problems in a productive environment by analyzing your data continuously.

End-to-End Data Validation

The technology-neutral concept of BiG EVAL allows validation of key performance indicators starting in your source systems up to your analysis-model and reporting layer. Let’s see a video to see how that’s done.

Nikola PerićData Warehouse & ETL testing