BiG EVAL Clickthrough Demo

5 Chapters 10 Lessons Easy

About this course

This click-through demo gives an introduction to the most important features and usage scenarios of the BiG EVAL Data Test Automation and the BiG EVAL Data Quality Management editions.


Course Structure


Basics 3 Lessons


See the web-based user interface of BiG EVAL and how to log in.

(Duration: 00:22s)


The dashboard is the home screen of BiG EVAL. It shows information about every test result and also the history of test runs.

(Duration: 00:33s)

Analyzing Test Results

This lesson shows the basics of analyzing your test run results. It shows some examples of test cases that failed and how to drill down into the details.

(Duration: 02:19s)


Data Sources 1 Lesson

Setting up Data Sources

See how to set up data sources to different technologies like relational SQL databases, flatfiles or even REST API's.

(Duration: 02:45s)


Authoring Test Cases 4 Lessons

Test Case Editor Basics

This lesson shows the test case editor and how to use it to author basic test cases.

(Duration: 06:59s)

Multi Source Test Cases

BiG EVAL allows to use probes from different data source technologies. See how that works.

(Duration: 01:11s)

CSV Flatfiles

Validating a CSV flat file can easily be done by using SQL syntax.

(Duration: 01:24s)

Rules Test Method

The rules test method makes you capable of validating records or a whole data set for different quality criteria defined by an expression or validation script.

(Duration: 03:25s)


Automation 1 Lesson

Running Test Cases Automatically

Running test cases automatically is essential to ensure short release cycle and to perform an effective regression testing. This lession shows the ways how BiG EVAL is able to automate things.

(Duration: 01:33s)


Scripting 1 Lesson

Test Case Scripting

The scripting engine of BiG EVAL allows to control the flow of a test case based on meta data or actual data from your data bases.

(Duration: 02:37s)