Information Quality Solution

Schema Change Tracking

When the schema of source data changes without notification to depending systems, data exchange processes may fail. This happens quite often, but can be avoided by using the Schema-Drift test method of BiG EVAL.


Reliably exchanging data or fetching data from a data source presumes that the format of the data doesn't change suddenly. It happens quite often, that data schemas get changed without notifying depending engineering teams. This is really frustrating, because this home-made communication-problem leads to huge efforts and firedrills for finding and fixing the issues. Needless to say, that outages in digitalized business processes and delays in information delivery come with that and cost a vast amount of money.

BiG EVALs Solution

BiG EVAL cannot help you fixing communication-issues. But it provides an efficient way to detect schema changes as early as they get implemented on the side of your data source teams. BiG EVAL checks the meta data (schema) of data bases and files constantly and informs you about unforeseen changes.

Schema-Drift Testmethod

This test method monitors the schema of a database or file. When there are new or changed tables, columns, data types or any other schema changes, the test case fails.


As soon as the test case fails, BiG EVAL informs you and other responsible people via email or it triggers a problem solving process.