BI & Data Analytics testing

Key performance indicators (KPI) and calculations must be tested to ensure reliable analysis and reporting. Because this is the basis for strategic decisions in your company.

BI & Data Analytics mit BiG EVAL testen

Test and perform plausibility checks on your key performance indicators continuously with unlimited test logic. BiG EVAL executes these tests continuously and informs you about the quality of your KPI’s and your data. It also alerts you if there’s a problem.


  • Is the variance between the actual revenue and the revenue of the previous month in a valid range?
  • Is the ratio between your product groups revenue plausible?
  • Calculate KPI’s backward and compare every single variable with values from your source systems (e.g. ERP).
  • Create matrices out of different systems and compare them. e.g. Revenue per product, per sales-region and per month for the last 12 months).
  • etc.

Choose out of a predefined set of testmethods and algorithms or create your own by using a database query language, C# or even R.

during development


Apply a continuous testing process to your development project to recognize conceptual problems much earlier.

during productive


Find and resolve Data Quality problems in a productive environment by analyzing your data continuously.