Scripting Capabilities

When the out-of-the-box functionality of BiG EVAL isn't enough to fulfil your needs, you can always trust on the scripting possibilities.

Testcase Scripting

Modify the internal flow of a testcase using a C# scripting syntax. Scripting opens endless possibilities to either implement complex test logic as well as optimizing testcases.
For Example:

  • Testdata preparation and finalization on the server side by executing stored procedure.
  • Executing testcases multiple times (e.g. for every sales region).
  • Customized test-algorithms.

Testsuite Scripting

Modify the way how BiG EVAL coordinates the testcase execution using C# scripting syntax.
For example:

  • Prepare testdata for a set of testcases.
  • Modify parameters a set of testcases using during execution.
  • Coordinate testcase execution manually (e.g. parallelization)

Userdefined Methods

Custom scripts that get used over and over again can be managed as a user defined method that can be referenced in your testcase- or testsuite-scripts.


Store and manage character strings like database queries that get used over and over again in a central place.

Parameter Lists

When there's no data source to query a data list (e.g. a list of all SCD2 dimensions), you can use the parameter lists of BiG EVAL. Define the metadata of the parameter lists and manage the contents right within the BiG EVAL frontend.

Parameterized Queries

The queries used to fetch probe data from your data sources can be customized dynamically during test execution. Parameterized queries are useful in combination with the testcase scripting as the following example shows.

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