Testcase Organization

The more testcases the better the data quality.
Hundreds of testcases must be organized very well.





Dynamic Testsuites*

* available soon.

TA = Test automation
DQM = Data quality management


Testcases are grouped within testsuites. A testsuite is comparable to a filesystem-folder that you use to organize your files. Every test belongs to one or more testsuites at the same time. This gives the ability to build testsuites for different scenarios like executing just a set of some simple testcases daily and to execute all available testcases on the weekend only.


Tagging testcases allows you to organize them. Tags can be used to find specific testcases using the search-interface. Tags are also used in custim scripts and the execution-flows to refer to a group of testcases with the same tag.

Dynamic Testsuites

Organizing testcases within regular testsuites is a manual work. Testcases are manuall and statically assigned to one or more testsuites.

Using the dynamic testsuite BiG EVAL gives you the ability to assign testcases to testsuites based on the tags that are assigned to a testcase. E.g. you have a dynamic testsuite that automatically contains all testcases that are tagged by the «Long-running» tag.

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