Data Syncronization testing

Where data gets exchanged between systems, there could be problems caused by buggy or error-prone technical or manual processes. Use BiG EVAL to check these processes and ensure the highest possible data quality.

Datensynchronisationen mit BiG EVAL testen

You move data from your ERP to your CRM? Or you feed order data to your production systems?

Such processes are error-prone. BiG EVAL is able to check the data continuously that was moved or is about to be moved.

  • Were the synchronization processes executed? Or are they stalled?
  • Do the records correlate between the synchronized systems?
  • Are there any encoding problems?
  • etc.


Choose out of a predefined set of testmethods and -algorithms or create your own by using a database query language, C# or even R.

Vorgefertigte und benutzerdefinierte Testmethoden


Apply a continuous testing process to your development project to recognize conceptual problems much earlier.


Find and resolve Data Quality problems in a productive environment by analyzing your data continuously.

Nikola PerićData Synchronization testing