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Artificial Intelligence: Is it Smart?

AI’s are computer programs that approach human intelligence. Their intelligence is based on large amounts of data and their analysis (algorithms). They learn from experience, respond to new information, and perform tasks.Does the Theory Actually Work in Practice?AI machines are intelligent, but unfortunately, they are not smart enough to recognize whether the information given them

Improve Data Quality in only 5 Steps

How can we resolve the problem? Easy: use these 5 steps to achieve lasting high data quality.Step 1: Become Aware of the ProblemRecognize how important high data quality is, which problems can result from poor data quality, and how these problems affect us all. Inform and train those who work with you about this issue.Step

Test Your Data Quality without Stress

​Did you know how easy it is to continuously and automatically test your data and maintain a high level of quality? More and more enterprises are concerned with the issue of data quality, but they are finding the control process difficult. This is primarily due to the complexity of the issue, but also a result of