If quality requirements cannot be fulfilled, BiG EVAL triggers alerts and sends them to the right people.



Basic Triggers

Userdefined Triggers*

E-Mail Alerts



* available soon

Basic Alert Triggers

The basic alert triggers get called when a test or a testsuite either fails or succeeds.

Userdefined Alert Triggers

BiG EVAL provides a sophisticated alerting engine that can be configured very flexible. Defining custom trigger conditions allows you to alert in very specific situations.

E-Mail Alerts

Send out E-Mails when alerts gets triggered. Define the recipients and the contents of the E-Mail messages depending on the specificc testcases that fail or succeed using the well-known handlebars-syntax.

Webhook Alerts

When an alert gets triggered. BiG EVAL allows you to invoke webhooks over HTTP/HTTPS. This gives you the ability to integrate other applications with the test-outcome of BiG EVAL.

Scriptflow Alerting

The scriptflows engine is coupled to the alerting-system of BiG EVAL and extends the messaging-possibilities by providing workflow-capabilities. When an alert gets triggered, scriptflow allows to execute a series of custom tasks and scripts. Following is a lisst of some ideas:

  • Rollback DWH-Load when testcases fail.
  • Execute a powershell-script when testcases fail or  after successful testcase execution.
  • Cleanup the system.
  • Integrate a custom ticketing-system.
  • and much more.
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