How to test your Data Quality without Stress

Did you know how easy it is to continuously and automatically test your data and maintain a high level of quality?

More and more enterprises are concerned with the issue of data quality, but they are finding the control process difficult. This is primarily due to the complexity of the issue, but also a result of the lack of appropriate data quality tools to test the data.

When such a tool is found, it is usually very complicated and expensive. Employees must then go through a time-consuming training process before the tools can even be put to use.

This is where our test automation and data quality management suite «BiG EVAL» is targeted.

BiG EVAL was designed to be usable without extensive training programs. The design is modern and minimalistic. The concept is simple and the functions are intuitive.

Pre-designed testing algorithms facilitate easy use for every user. This allows business professionals without IT expertise to contribute their understanding of data and information.

Of course, advanced users have the ability to create and run their own test scripts and to provide these for use on the business side.

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Nikola PerićHow to test your Data Quality without Stress